The Kingdom of Lesotho

“You won’t hear traffic here, you will hear singing.

You will hear birds who wake early and crickets who stay up late. On the trails, you will hear the clanging of bells fastened to the necks of grazing sheep and the steady trickle of valley creeks. You will see vast and endless rolling hills, aloe plants as tall as you are, growing out of the dry ground, the russet glow that shines over the mountains as the sun slips behind them, and a people who have known laughter as well as they know struggle. You will taste the richness of authentic Basotho cuisine and smell the sweet, smoky bonfires that burn each night.

And soon, you will feel the magic.”

                                                                                                                        As described by the Malealea Lodge.



"I just wanted to say what an amazing trip it was. It was one of the best one week trips I have ever done. Just the right balance of sublime knee down roads, gravel roads, crazy weather and drama to make it feel like a real adventure :-) "  Max R.

10 days riding the awesome trails and sweeping tarmac roads in this unknown Magic Mountain Kingdom, totally landlocked within South Africa. 2.500kms - of which about 60% is off-road, in this biker's heaven. Lesotho and it's notorious Sani Pass must be on your bucket list.....    

By special request only, for groups of around 10. 

"The riding in and around Lesotho is exceptional both on and off road. It comprises the best riding I have ever done. The new Chinese asphalt from Sani to Butha Buthe is undoubtedly the best road riding I've ever done anywhere in the world, no question. The off-roading is perfect for the adventure bikes, challenging but not too much. 

Lesotho needs to be visited, it's an amazing country, to this end the riding days are not too long allowing people to enjoy each destination.  Our lodge at Semonkong is in the Guiness Book of Records for organising the longest vertical abseil down the nearby Malatsunyane Waterfall - over 200m in a straight drop; the notorious Sani Pass has to be ridden; and much more. " JohnnyMaroc


Tour Dates

21 May - 1 Jun 2021
  • Numbers showing in red box are places available

If you are interested in a place on a full tour contact SU to be put on her waiting list & be advised if a place comes free.