These tours are suitable for those wanting a less competitive style of riding.

More green-laning; having time to stop and look at the amazing scenery; and enjoy wonderful long lazy lunches in one of the many small restaurants we have found hidden in mountain valleys and small villages.

From Monday to Friday we are offering 2, 3 or 5 day biking tours, and YOU CAN NOW PICK WHICH DAYS OF THE WEEK YOU WOULD LIKE TO BIKE.

Non-biker friends and family are very welcome as there are many activities to do during the day in and around Ordino. At least twice during the week, we will arrange to meet up with the bikers for lunch.

Just 6 bikers per tour plus John guiding, so don’t take too long to make your decision!

We are now offering you the chance to BRING YOUR OWN BIKE for the tour. Suitable for large trailies and off-road bikes.

As usual, prompt answers to any of your questions are just a click away!

Tour Dates

Click on your choice of
first BIKING day
  • Prices:
  • Rider with own motorbike 1,100 €
  • Rider using our motorbike 1,640 €
  • Non-biker 800 €

If you are interested in a place on a full tour contact SU to be put on her waiting list & be advised if a place comes free.