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Jorg "Solar" Niemeyer

Morocco 7 day Desert - 5 days biking

Hi Su & John,
I would like to thank you again for a superbly organized tour. For me it was a once in a lifetime experience and I enjoyed every minute of it. Everything worked out very well. On our way back we had to leave at six in the morning an the man who carried our luggage turned up at a quarter to six ! Amazing ! That was a really nice trip.
Jorg "Solar"

Morocco 7 day Desert - 5 days biking

This trip was in conjunction with Sideburn magazine. From the start till the end I could not fault. John and Su and team have the job sewn up. Faultless daily organisation, high quality KTM bikes kept to an impeccable standard by Hussein the mechanic, routes taking you through breathtaking landscape, accommodation of a high standard and a night under the stars, you must sleep outside! Great food delicious Tagines and more, guaranteed good weather.
The list goes on. I shall return in the future for sure so to end anyone considering this trip do not I say again do not hesitate just book it!
Cheers for now JT

Morocco 7 day Desert - 5 days biking

A few weeks ago I came back from my 7 day tour.
This was my second tour with Motoaventures this year, and definitely not the last one. I'm already planning a trip back for next year.

The whole Motoaventures team is fantastic and they will make sure you are having the best time.
Their bikes are very well maintained and Hussein, main mechanic is top man. Always ready to help you out with settings etc.
Routes are wonderfully challenging and exciting.
Accommodation is great and food is delicious you won't be hungry...
Back up vehicle is never to far behind, so you can ride happily knowing help is coming in case you need them.
And Morocco is an absolutely stunning country that needs to be seen.
Thank you to the whole Motoaventures team for a great time and see you in 2020.

Warm Heart of Africa Adventure

Hello all --

This morning I took the second to last of my malaria pills. When I take the very last one tomorrow and our adventure slides firmly to the past, I will be bereft. I sat in dull meetings this week and thought "All in all, I'd rather be hitting speed bumps in Malawi right now." My comfort zone will never be the same.

I want to thank all of you for the amazing experience -- I was amazed in the true sense of that word: surprised, astonished and filled with wonder. It was an eye, mind and heart opening experience. John and Su -- thank you for the immensely hard work of arranging and leading us (and thank you, Steve, for asking us to come along).

I hope the Australians left Capetown standing and are back home, ready to receive house guests soon. Dan, Aurelie, Martine and Joao, I intend us to have another dance party in some new and interesting spot, ideally with better speakers next time. Daniel -- we'll be in touch about Patagonia. Josh and Peter -- we're practically neighbors by the standards of this group (and Dave will be in Colorado in July). Eddie -- we'll look you up when we're in London (Dan can join us for a trip to Spice Village). And Joao, our plans for Portugal in May are beginning to percolate.

Consider DC -- it's beautiful here for at least 16 or 17 days a year. Come visit.

Warm Heart of Africa Adventure

Hi Su & John -

It was an incredible trip for both of us. We haven't stopped talking about it, and probably won't for some time :-)

Hope to have another opportunity with you in the future.

Best regards,


Warm Heart of Africa Adventure

it was a very good trip! I enjoyed everything. Sites, people…
I'd like to make it again!!!!
Thank you very much

Warm Heart of Africa Adventure

I would like to thank you for these amazing 2 weeks of real TIA (This is Africa) experiences journeying through Zimbabwe,Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia. I really loved every second of it! Quite an adventure!
Very well organized and always in amazing places! You guys really know what you are doing! This is something that I will always remember so thank you so much for that!!!
I’m sorry to hear that this will be your last big motorcycle adventure because you are very talented and really know the real deal…. But I understand.. I am so, so happy I went with you and didn’t stay in Portugal instead. Still trying to get used to the "new” routine, and feeling the blues of not living the group life and being in Africa!
We will be in touch!
You rock!!!

Morocco 7 day Desert - 5 days biking

Dear Johnny and Su ,

Another tour passed ..is that my 8th or 9th ?
After a years worth of Blackthorn Rally What's App daily group chats, it really lived up to the excitement. We missed some good guys from last year but the new recruits certainly made up for it. I thought O'H particularly did very well bearing in mind his minimal previous riding experience and Jimmy of course. Dave from NASA was good company and hopefully learnt that youth is not everything.
I thought the route and the places to stay were perfect for the tour .
There really is no better place to ride for variety of terrain , remoteness , incredible landscapes and excitement .
Thank you so much for making it all happen and all the very hard work that you and your team put in to keeping the show on the road in sometimes difficult circumstances.
Most importantly , we all came back in one piece and to a man , having had a fabulous week riding motorbikes . Real life time memories.
I gave my bike a hug every morning and every night . Still amazes me what they put up with and how often it's the bike that gets you out of a situation. Have faith in the bike...
It was lovely as always to see you both and of course Hussein and Maryam . Top team.
I am very pleased to hear that your bookings are strong for this year.
All being well , I will very likely see you both same time next year for BR20 ..assuming I am invited !
Thank you again for a brilliant week. . Dan


South Africa & Lesotho

Having recently returned from the January 2019 tour I want to say a big "Thank you" to Johnnymoroc and Su for a trip that I shall not forget. This tour gave me a unique opportunity to ride a GS like never before both on rocky mountain passes and smooth traffic free roads that seemed endless. This tour had all the well organised and safety conscious character of all of Motoaventure’s Tours without any stifling requirements to ride in a group or chase the leader. The scenery was simply stunning and being able to ride at your own pace and enjoy it whether that be sedately or at speed is a freedom I thoroughly enjoyed. Hope to see you again soon, Mike.

Morocco 7 day Desert - 5 days biking

Dear Johnny and Su ,
Now home from my 7th Moroccan tour with you ( and two Southern Africa tours ).
I could do it all again now.
As well as tours with Motoaventures I have done others with other tour operators in Portugal , Mongolia , Kenya .
Great as they were, Motoaventures excell in their organization , logistics , safety ( without in any way being restrictive ) , quality of the equipment , nightly bike servicing , routes , accommodation and terrific camaraderie and fun.
All the other operators have lead riders . Only Motoaventures provide GPS on every bike which gives the rider the freedom and responsibility to ride as they wish. In my experience over more than ten years , Morocco offers a range of terrain simply not available anywhere else. You can be a novice or a pro and get everything and more . Brilliant for developing your skills and stamina. Very fast pistes , epic climbs through the mountains with stunning landscapes , big mileages , river beds , desolate wilderness , hidden valleys and isolated villages and of course the dunes , particularly the 500 ft dunes at Merzouga which are a challenge for anyone and simply spectacular from the top.
I learnt to ride off-road with Motoaventures and now consider myself reasonably experienced but Morocco never ceases to impress , it's compulsive and challenging. You realize that no matter how many miles you have ridden .....you never stop learning .
Johnny , Su and Hussain their diligent mechanic are a fantastic team , thoroughly professional , responsible,hugely experienced and great fun too.
My tour last week included ten riders on the KTMs and for the first time six 800 cc quads. We had first time riders and experienced ones too.
The quads were a real success because they provide for those who do not ride motorcycles to experience so much the riders do. Inclusive rather than exclusive.
As soon as you start riding you leave your lives at home behind. Who you are and what you do at home fades into the background .The camaraderie that quickly develops within the team , sharing the experience , encouraging and helping each other , the laughter and the truly wonderful memories. Priceless.
Thank you Johnny and Su!
Dan xx