FLASHBACK Feb 98, The team on our 1st ever tour in Morocco

The team on our 1st ever tour in Morocco, with Mac Mcdiarmid .
Lasting 12 days we travelled the tracks in the High Atlas, Imilchil, Merzouga, across the desert to Zagora, Draa valley and lots more. Mac Mcdiarmid wrote our first colour spread in Bike magazine called “Rock the Kasbah”.

Rock the Kasbah

Found the article from BIKE magazine that got us started all those years ago! Very entertaining.

Words and pictures copyright Mac Mcdiarmid.

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“Thoughts before the tour:

“ Morocco 7 day Desert - 5 days biking

Dear Johnny and Su,

Now home from my 7th Moroccan tour with you ( and two Southern Africa tours ).

I could do it all again now.
As well as tours with Motoaventures I have done others with other tour operators in Portugal , Mongolia , Kenya .
Great as they were, Motoaventures excell in their organization , logistics , safety ( without in any way being restrictive ) , quality of the equipment , nightly bike servicing , routes , accommodation and terrific camaraderie and fun.

All the other operators have lead riders . Only Motoaventures provide GPS on every bike which gives the rider the freedom and responsibility to ride as they wish. In my experience over more than ten years , Morocco offers a range of terrain simply not available anywhere else. You can be a novice or a pro and get everything and more . Brilliant for developing your skills and stamina. Very fast pistes , epic climbs through the mountains with stunning landscapes , big mileages , river beds , desolate wilderness , hidden valleys and isolated villages and of course the dunes , particularly the 500 ft dunes at Merzouga which are a challenge for anyone and simply spectacular from the top.

I learnt to ride off-road with Motoaventures and now consider myself reasonably experienced but Morocco never ceases to impress , it's compulsive and challenging. You realize that no matter how many miles you have ridden .....you never stop learning .
Johnny , Su and Hussain their diligent mechanic are a fantastic team , thoroughly professional , responsible,hugely experienced and great fun too.

My tour last week included ten riders on the KTMs and for the first time six 800 cc quads. We had first time riders and experienced ones too.
The quads were a real success because they provide for those who do not ride motorcycles to experience so much the riders do. Inclusive rather than exclusive.

As soon as you start riding you leave your lives at home behind. Who you are and what you do at home fades into the background .The camaraderie that quickly develops within the team , sharing the experience , encouraging and helping each other , the laughter and the truly wonderful memories. Priceless.

Thank you Johnny and Su!.’’  – Dan xx

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