looking back down notorious sani pass

South African Motorcycle Tours including the Sani Pass trail to the Kingdom of Lesotho

Day 11 of 16 Cape Town to Victoria Falls

One of the most prized natural sites for lovers of biking

Hidden among the majestic rocky mountain ranges of Lesotho, one of the highest countries in the world, located more than 1000m/3280ft above sea level, can be found one of the most prized natural sites for lovers of biking with a bit of a challenge – the notorious climb up the Sani Pass.

Setting off from Katse Dam

setting off from katse dam

Challenging, demanding, dry, dusty, and at the same time incredible, imposing, pure and tribal, are some of the adjectives that define this exceptional trail that forms a natural border between South Africa and this small mountain kingdom.

Border crossing into The Kingdom of Lesotho

border crossing kingdom lesotho

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On this journey to the top of the Sani Pass the riders, motorbikes, support vehicles and crew that form the team start at an altitude of 1544m/5066ft, climbing quickly to 2876m/9436ft, a difference of 1332m/4370ft in just 9kms/6 miles, along a rugged rocky path that can be complicated by unpredictable weather conditions, including snowfalls and ice in winter.

Refuelling the BMWs from a plastic bottle in Lesotho

refuelling BMW from plastic bottle lesotho

This has not prevented Motoaventures Motorcycle Tours from returning to this lesser known part of Africa to tour the Sani Pass again. An authentic adventure not to be missed by any experienced motor biker who appreciates a demanding ride.

The Motorcycle Tour of Motoaventures in and around Lesotho, includes great lodges and stopping places where riders can relax, rest and eat good food, to help with the challenges they’ll find during the following days of this adventure, in a territory and terrain that demands the best of everyone.

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“A fantastic trip. Each day, without exception, provided exciting and challenging riding, spectacular scenery and a huge sense of achievement. The accommodation was excellent with some truly exceeding all expectations. Le Mirage in Namibia was a favourite of mine, never have I needed a cold beer more after a great day's riding - a proper "Ice Cold in Alex" moment! Thanks to all the team for all their help and advice, and to Su, Johnny Maroc for their organisation skills and good humour. Most of all I have made some great friendships with like minded people and I am sure we will ride together again - soon!” ’’  – Dominic

Article by Su Downham
Su Downham Su co-runs Moto Aventures and has been adventure touring in Southern Africa for over nine years. She speaks English, Spanish, Catalan and French fluently and has considerable experience in tourism and PR.
She is responsible for the client services, booking and admin side of the operation and making sure that all aspects of the tours run smoothly and efficiently.
She is a very experienced 4X4 support vehicle driver and is trained in emergency field medicine. Email Su

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