16 days tour in Morocco with BMW GS1200s and GS800s

Experiencing the exotic wonders of the mysterious Kingdom of Morocco

Awaken the senses, and your sense of adventure, by experiencing the exotic wonders of the mysterious Kingdom of Morocco. You will be truly amazed by the magnificence of its ancient architecture, the fragrant aromas of its delightful aromatic spices and the captivating magic of its breath-taking landscape and fascinating culture.

You’ll be travelling this enchanting country on the latest model BMW GS1200 and GS800, installed with Garmin GPS, and our fully equipped support vehicles will be following the same route not far behind you. With this tour, you have the option to bring your own suitable bike if desired and price is adjusted accordingly. Contact us to discuss this option. Email

This adventure will blow your mind!

3500 km in 16 days on a recent model BMW GS, with an exclusive opportunity to ride to the top of the Rock of Gilbraltar, and option to ride KTM dirt bikes in the desert – this adventure will blow your mind!

We take you through vast, jaw-dropping landscapes laden with snow-covered mountain peaks, lush fertile lowland and ancient medieval ruins. From the majestic ‘Blue City’ of Chefchaouen, the imperial ancient cities of Fes and Marrakech, to the highest sand dunes in Morocco, we explore all this country has to offer. You’ll get to enjoy the vibrant bustle of bazaars and souks, ride through cities of exquisitely decorated mosques and palaces, bargain with the locals and be wined and dined in some of the most luxurious and characterful hotels in the country.

We are certainly not ‘roughing it’ on this tour!

We are certainly not ‘roughing it’ on this tour!

“Congratulations on your outstanding organisation and professionalism throughout the tour, enjoyed every moment of it. Your dedication, friendliness and caring manner makes it all the more special. An unforgettable trip which I would recommend to everyone, both bikers & pillion. We will see you soon!” Adrian.

We have only the best accommodation for our guests ranging from exotic Kasbahs, converted and decorated old houses – Riads, to 4* spectacularly located hotels with rooftop pools and rejuvenating spa facilities.

With over 20 years of adventure motorcycle tour experience, we know all the best roads to ride, places to visit and tagines to taste!

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Magnificent, mysterious Morocco!

You will start your 16-day adventure in Malaga, Spain where we’ll introduce you to your ride – one of our fleet of recent model BMW bikes – perfect for Moroccan roads. If needed it can be adjusted to suit your personal requirements. With bikes in tow and a swift 45-minute ferry ride, your journey into the captivating culture of Morocco begins.

Morocco instantly throws you into its vibrant array of colour, sounds and smells with its alive and noisy streets laced with the scent of all things exotic! Your first night in Morocco will be spent in the striking ‘Blue City’ of Chefchaouen which literally is – blue!

In the Blue City

In the Blue City

Night view over Chefchaouen from the rooftop of our Riad

Night view over Chefchaouen

Morocco’s most significant archaeological site

We begin by taking you to visit some of Morocco’s most ancient Roman ruins – Volubilis, Morocco’s most significant archaeological site. Having wound our way through the vast, densely forested region of the Middle Atlas Mountains, following the famous Ziz river, you will get your first introduction to the spectacular wind-blown dunes of the Sahara desert at Erg Chebbi – the highest dunes in the Kingdom at 150m.

Legend has it that these dunes were created when an angry God buried a wealthy, inhospitable family beneath mounds of sand, for refusing to help a poor woman and her son. This is just one of many legendary tales from Moroccan mythology that explains its majestic landscape and architecture.

Ancient ruins at the Volubilis archaeological site

Ancient ruins at the Volubilis archaeological site

Swap your BMW for a KTM and hit the dunes?

Our first well deserved day off here in our desert lodge with possibility of massages and saunas at the spa and swimming pool, and the unique opportunity to ride one of our KTM 450 EXC bikes with tuition and guidance by expert riding guide ‘Johnny Maroc’, on how to conquer the 150m high Cathedral dunes. Quad bikes are available for hire, for those bikers and non-bikers who might like a different type of guided tour into the dunes.

‘We made it!’ Celebrating our Gorge run at our hotel in Dades town

Then off we go again taking you to visit another of Morocco’s premier UNESCO sites – the Todra Gorge, which offers breath-taking 400ft high, vertical canyon walls- one of the top rock-climbing destinations in the world.
The famous sweeping bends of the Dades Gorge really is a dream come true for bikers as you feel what you and your BMW’s are really capable of!

Our Kasbah Hotel at Ait Ben Haddou

Our Kasbah Hotel at Ait Ben Haddou

We follow the ‘Route of a Thousand Kasbahs’ towards the Ksar (fortified village) of Ait Ben Haddou, a well-known UNESCO World Heritage site renowned for being one of the stopping points for the camel trains bringing slaves from the south, northwards, and also where the original film Lawrence of Arabia was filmed. Built up a hillside it has a striking view over many deep orange coloured dwellings known as Kasbahs, which resemble small castles. They are made from mud and wattle and are in various states of decay “returning back to where they came from” – the ground!

Snow capped peaks on our way over the Tizi N Test Pass near Marrakech

Marrakech – medinas, markets and mayhem!

Our half-way point is the famous and vibrant ‘Red City’ of Marrakech where we take you on a Caliche ride (horse and carriage) as a brilliant way to absorb the hustle and bustle of the vibrant city streets, drenched in colour and exotic smells to enrich your senses. The ride finishes at the famous Jemaa el Fna square. First impression is of a Zulu war-ground with smoke from many cooking fires drifting across the sky, local music blaring out from various different points, and hundreds of people milling around. You will see story tellers surrounded by locals entranced as they act out their stories; locals offering you the possibility to have your photo taken with a barbary ape, (watch out you don’t get over-charged for this) ladies offering to tattoo your hands with henna designs, fruit juice stands and countless food stalls touting their food as the best.

Worth its weight in gold, is the very cherished and sought after spice, Saffron. We take you to the home of where this precious powder is produced – the laid-back medina of Taroudannt, also known as ‘Little Marrakech’. Riding through the fertile landscapes of the Souss Valley and the popular destination of Agadir, we reach the Atlantic Ocean and acquaint you with one of Morocco’s most enchanting and ‘hip’ places to visit- the fortified coastal town of Essaouira. Here we have our second day off to fully enjoy all it offers.

Said to have been the desired place for rockers such as Jimi Hendrix in the sixties, this laid-back, bustling old medina is full of wonderful things to see and do, such as perusing the colourful display of bazaars and souks, climbing the impressive ramparts and visiting the old fishing port laden with tiny blue fishing boats, where you can watch the daily catch being sold in the mornings.

Our support vehicles near Bin El Ouidane Lake in the high Atlas Mountains

“…yet another extremely successful tour that will be etched into our memories forever. Morocco was presented to us as a friendly and safe country steeped in history and so diverse in many ways.

Each day was full of wonderful surprises, the people, the food, incredible scenery, unbelievable mountain roads, the bikes, the tour group, the accommodation and overall planning were all outstanding.

Highly recommended to anyone who rides.” Brian – Tasmania

We guide you back through the bustling city of Marrakech

Just to make your jaw drop even more, we guide you back through the bustling city of Marrakech to admire one of Morocco’s astonishing natural wonders, Ouzoud falls. At this time of year, the melting snow makes for a powerful 110m plunge down the rugged cliffs, accompanied by rainbows reflecting above the falling cascade. Keep an eye out for those cheeky macaque monkeys, which you might catch a glimpse of, lurking amongst the trees.

A Bazaar in the old Medina, Fes

We welcome you to the world heritage site and old Moroccan capital, Fes, known as the ‘Mecca of the West’. This old imperial city is the cultural and spiritual hub of Morocco and home to an abundance of striking, colourful palaces, rich medieval architecture and exotic fragrances filling the narrow alleyways of it’s medina from the bazaars and souks. This ancient Madrassa (learning centre) is second only to the Mecca in the Arab world.

Towards the end of your stay in this extraordinary country, we bike through the winding agricultural roads, lavished with almond blossoms and orange daisies, which are in full bloom and spread a delightful aroma through the air. We ride along the stunning Mediterranean coast of Morocco before arriving back in the old port of Tangier, where, the following day we board a ferry back over to the hippy town of Tarifa.

Old Tangier port and harbour

Topping off the tour

Winding our way to the border of Gibraltar, we finish our adventure with our most exclusive feature on this tour – biking to the top of the rock! Usually, the roads are closed to the public but, by special arrangement, we have been kindly allowed access to these astonishing narrow roads with their views overlooking North Africa and the famous Straits – some of the busiest shipping lanes in the world. Getting to the top of the rock is such a fantastic end to this wonderful adventure and is a great moment to really absorb this amazing sense of accomplishment and camaraderie after this legendary journey.

Your Moroccan adventure sees you off in Malaga for your journey home, leaving you with a spellbinding feeling that you’ve just had the ride of a lifetime!

Morocco will leave an indelible mark on you – it really is an adventure you’ll never forget.

Memories of Morocco

Memories of Morocco

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“We would like to thank you for our recent MotoAventures Discover Morocco tour. As returning customers, riding 2up, we had already experienced how well organized your tours were when we did the South African tour in 2014. On both the South African tour and Morocco tour in 2017, we enjoyed the freedom of being able to go at our own pace, stopping to take photos and not getting lost because of the GPS routes. Knowing support vehicles were following us from a distance with fuel if need be, medic, spare parts and tires, allowed us to truly relax and enjoy the moment.

Su exceeds at looking after logistics and accommodations, making sure we are pleased and always looks for feedback. Johnny is an excellent guide, even driving the proposed route a week beforehand to make sure there are no surprises. Bringing the KTM dirt bikes to ride the sand Dunes in the Sahara desert on one of our days off was a treat we'll never forget...thank you.

If you're the type of traveller that likes to travel to exotic lands yet wonder if this is right for you, don't hesitate. Moto Aventures will not disappoint you.
Thank you Su and Johnny.’’
 – Louis and Suzelle, Canada.

Article by Su Downham
Su Downham Su co-runs Moto Aventures and has been adventure touring in Southern Africa for over nine years. She speaks English, Spanish, Catalan and French fluently and has considerable experience in tourism and PR.
She is responsible for the client services, booking and admin side of the operation and making sure that all aspects of the tours run smoothly and efficiently.
She is a very experienced 4X4 support vehicle driver and is trained in emergency field medicine. Email Su


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