My Moroccan motorcycle adventure – a client’s review

16 days adventure touring the Kingdom of Morocco

After doing numerous tours with John & Su at MotoAventures both off road in Morocco and adventure touring across Southern Africa, I decided that it was time to sign up for their road tour and discover the Kingdom of Morocco.

We flew into Málaga, Spain for the first night and MotoAventures met us and handed over our very well presented and maintained BMW GS1200s. Not doing it on our own bikes meant we could maximise our holiday time and avoid the 4 days required to travel to and from the UK. Although there is the option to take your own if you want.

UNESCO Imperial cities of Marrakech and Fez

The first day was just a short ride south to catch the ferry from Tarifa across into Tangier and there the adventure really began. Every day was something different and awe inspiring: the vibrant colours and oriental smells of the bustling medinas; the breath-taking scenery as we crossed three different passes over the Atlas Mountains;; a lunch stop at the foot of the towering rock walls of the famous Todra Gorge; the amazing ride up and down the Dades Gorge notorious for its countless sweeping bends – a bikers dream; UNESCO Imperial cities of Marrakech and Fez; visiting the ancient ruins of the Roman Empire at Volubilis and the stunning shifting sands and dunes at Merzouga, to mention just a few of my memories.

20 years’ operating motorcycle tours in Morocco

Multi nationality clients added to the experience and I have made great new friends when joining a MotoAventures tour. After more than 20 years’ operating motorcycle tours in Morocco their knowledge of its rules and culture are second to none and you always feel in capable hands.

The accommodation is of a very high standard, and we experienced staying in a privately owned small Riad in a narrow street in the medina of the famous blue city of Chefchaouen, Kasbah style hotels in the bigger cities, a desert lodge overlooking the dunes, a hotel with spa right on the beach at Essaouira, and even visited an ancient converted old Kasbah for lunch.

Here’s the route we took for the tour covering 3500Km in 16 days.

A fantastic bonus was that on the first rest day at Merzouga we were offered the option to get some off-road experience in the dunes on one of MotoAventures’ KTMs, with professional tuition and guidance from “Johnny Maroc”. I jumped at the chance and had a great time playing in the sand and biking to the top of the highest dune – 154 metres high. Even if you opt not to try, just opening your lodge room window to look out onto the dunes is still a very special experience.

I could keep going on talking about this tour as it takes you to so many sights and gives you so many experiences, but I’ll just say that this is a very special tour that should be done and whether a biker or non-biker, you will return home having had a life changing experience.

If you’d like to ask me any questions or get information, please feel free to contact me through Messenger, the name is:- Tom Salisbury, or call me on +44 7525859613

Here’s a video including helmet cam footage from fellow biker and regular MotoAventures customer, Jason Eite…

Our third road tour round the beautiful Kingdom of Morocco

Ferrying us and the BMW’s from Tarifa

Ferrying us and the BMW’s

The Riad in Chefchaouen – the famous Blue City

the famous Blue City

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Our Oasis in the desert for a night – top accommodation

Our Oasis in the desert for a night

Think I prefer 2 wheels

Think I prefer 2 wheels

Play time in the dunes with the KTMs (optional – but recommended!)

Play time in the dunes with the KTMs

Back on tarmac – Lunch stop

Back on tarmac

Rocking the Kasbah

Rocking the Kasbah

The Kings Palace – Fez

The Kings Palace

The Widiane Resort – Ahhhh!

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Another great tour completed. The best feeling!

The best feeling!

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About Tom Salisbury
Tommy photo

Tommy learned to ride when he was about six years old on a Lambretta of all things. Growing up in the sticks - of course, he fell in love with off-road riding.

Those early petrolhead tendencies were confirmed when he continued riding whenever he could, and to this day also goes paragliding and jet skiing regularly.

Tommy’s first Morocco tour with Su and Johnny was shared with his uncle and two brothers. As Tommy recalls - he became addicted after that and has racked up nearly 10 tours with MotoAventures to date including Southern Africa adventures. Why does he keep coming back? In his own words “I rode the alps in March with another company and it’s those other tour guides that confirm to me that MotoAventures are the best.”

After suffering a major cardiac arrest while riding with us in South Africa in 2017, Tommy’s not deterred… “After flatlining several times, then waking up in Intensive Care in Cape Town, riding with MotoAventures has not only enhanced my life, they bloody saved it as well! If I’d been on any other tour, I wouldn’t be here now.”

We look forward to riding with him again!


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