Victoria Falls to Cape Town 2010, Day 6

Himeville to Tinfendal. Another brilliant day ride. They say bad things come in threes. One…nearly hit a duiker (small antelope) on the road then some idiot in a lorry decides to overtake another lorry at the bottom of the hill. I pulled off the road and he was still overtaking as he came past…two!

What a day, what a night

Lunch break and fuel around 11:30…nice piece of chicken for lunch. Said chicken did not sit well in my stomach was ejected shortly there after…that was number THREE. The scenery was stunning starting down low and climbing up high.

Amazing sweeping roads with kilometers of vision up ahead. Came across only four cars on the dirt all day. Two of the climbs were truly epic. Last climb was to Tiffendale, at 2760 meters it’s South Africa’s St Moritz!! Arrived and the staff at the lodge asked who we were and what we want! “Well there 21 people coming tonight to drink, eat and sleep”. They got their dates mixed up, but in true SA spirit they got two lodges ready, the bar opened, a ripping fire going and food brought up from the bottom of the hill. What a day, what a night.

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“My Africa trip with MotoAdventures was the best two weeks in recent memory. absolutely epic start to finish!” – Jimmy

Article by Greg Jansen (a MotoAventures client)

Greg is a seasoned adventure motorcyclist with a lifelong passion for all things bike. He’s been lucky enough to turn that passion into a thriving business with the launch of his product ‘HelmetLok’ - the small, portable, keyless security product for crash helmets. With other products on offer as well, and distributors in Australia, the USA, Europe, South Africa and parts of Asia, amazingly Greg and his partner Janice still find time to tour!

Originally published on Greg’s website ‘’, this is Greg’s account of their second trip with us.

In his own words; “…sixteen days of the most spectacular roads through equally spectacular country, each day filled with wonderful surprises. A holiday of a lifetime is really an understatement!

So we approached our second trip with a little trepidation. How the hell are they going to better the last trip? In fact how could it possibly be any better? Here’s a diary of our trip.” …suffice to



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