Victoria Falls to Cape Town 2010, Day 4

Pretoria to Katsi Dam (Lesotho). I missed the turn after morning fuel up. Followed what I thought was a couple of our guys and when I got closer noticed they had panniers!!! Zoomed out on the GPS, found the track, cut across and joined the track again. Enjoyed the rest of the morning ride with Rick the Canadian. Lunch then border crossing into Lesotho. First real taste of old Africa. Unbelieveably beautiful country. Started raining and we started climbing. What an epic road, snow at the top of one pass and a rather chilly 2 degrees.

Accident waiting to happen

Stopped to take some photos and a ute came past at warp 9…thought “accident waiting to happen”. Ten minutes later came round a corner and there it was, on its side, load of tiles strewn over the road, mud, dirt, bits of car everywhere. Helped extract the three people in the car who amazingly were OK. Continued my ride being very careful to avoid fallen rocks, horses, donkeys, sheep and people on and near the road. Caught up with Garry the Scott, whom I’d met in 2010 on our first trip and rode that last stretch with him. What an awesome day, thank you Motoaventures and I am so looking forward to the ride tomorrow.

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“I see other touring companies are trying to copy what Su and John do in Africa ... Having experienced one of them, I can assure you the organization and professional back up has a lot of catching up to do - and forget the pseudo celebrity tack-on's that others offer ... the trip is about YOU having an adventure and living your life” – Dave

Article by Greg Jansen (a MotoAventures client)

Greg is a seasoned adventure motorcyclist with a lifelong passion for all things bike. He’s been lucky enough to turn that passion into a thriving business with the launch of his product ‘HelmetLok’ - the small, portable, keyless security product for crash helmets. With other products on offer as well, and distributors in Australia, the USA, Europe, South Africa and parts of Asia, amazingly Greg and his partner Janice still find time to tour!

Originally published on Greg’s website ‘’, this is Greg’s account of their second trip with us.

In his own words; “…sixteen days of the most spectacular roads through equally spectacular country, each day filled with wonderful surprises. A holiday of a lifetime is really an understatement!

So we approached our second trip with a little trepidation. How the hell are they going to better the last trip? In fact how could it possibly be any better? Here’s a diary of our trip.” …suffice to



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