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Our "mother" company MOTOAVENTURES EUROPA S.L. is based in the Pyrenees in the small co-principality of Andorra. All bookings, tour payments etc are done through here and this is our official address for all legal aspects.

Our local company MOTOAVENTURES MOROCCO Sarl is based in our garage workshop located in the industrial area of the town of Ouarzazarte, just 4 hours drive south of Marrakech at the edge of the desert, and the film capital of Morocco.


In Morocco - Motoaventures


We have two fully equipped support vehicles which can be used on either our KTM or BMW adventures:

  • Our specially equipped Toyota Land Cruiser, nicknamed “Rosy II”. is set up to transport a bike if needed, and she carries first-aid equipment, spare parts and tyres for the bikes, fridge, compressor, permanent satellite phone connection and GPS. Hussein our mechanic always travels in the vehicle following the bikers when off-road tours. 
  • Our latest addition a double cab Fiat Fullback also set up to accompany the tours as support vehicle or to carry several non-bikers wishing to join one of our adventures.
  • We also have a large flatbed trailor capable of transporting up to 12 bikes when needed.

In Morocco - Motoaventures