In Morocco

Our garage workshop is located in the town of Ouarzazarte just 4 hours drive south of Marrakech at the edge of the desert.

We have 2 assistance vehicles:

  • Our specially equipped trusty Land Rover 130 pick-up, nicknamed “The Pig”. On her tub she can transport a bike if needed, and she carries first-aid equipment, spare parts and tyres for the bikes, fridge, compressor, permanent satellite phone connection and GPS. One of our mechanics always travels in the vehicle following the bikers.
  • A Toyota Landcruiser 80 also set up to accompany the tours as assistance vehicle or to carry several non-bikers wishing to join one of our adventures.

We also have 2 trailers to transfer bikes where needed.

In Morocco - Motoaventures

In Southern Africa

We always have two assistance vehicles travelling exactly the same route as the bikes. One is equipped primarily as support for the bikes and driven by our dedicated medic with his first aid equipment, and pulls the trailer with the spare bike. The other carries any 4×4 passengers or pillions taking a rest, and the groups’ luggage.

In Southern Africa - Motoaventures