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Always the best wherever we take you.
Morocco – KTM off-road tours

We use a selection of accommodation, always the nicest available in the area we are stopping.  3* local auberges and inns, 4* hotels built in the old kasbah (castles) style, and on one night the accommodation is an actual 200yr+ original kasbah that has been totally renovated and conditioned to be a small hotel.

Most of the hotels have swimming pools but they're normally cold!

On our off-road adventures the night in our desert bivouac 90 kms from tarmac, is always a highlight. After a good meal we lie around the campfire, listening to some local musicians and gazing up at the stars.


Morocco - BMW adventure biking tours


We have chosen an interesting selection of different styles of accommodation for these tours. A combination of :-
Riads (converted old medina houses full of character);
A guest house located in a deserted village on a rocky knoll - loads of history here;
Kasbahs (old castles) converted into small hotels;
3* and 4* more modern hotels but built in the kasbah (castle) style;
and Pleasant family run auberges (inns) set in their own large olive groves. 

All have beautiful swimming pools.