Off Road Morocco 8 day

Mountain & Desert Tour

Aimed at off road bikers with good experience and who have previously biked in dunes & sand. 

This tour is a total of 8 days; your arrival & departure days, plus 6 days biking. Level 8. (1-10)

You will experience

  • 85% off road.
  • Fast tracks across vast dried lake beds
  • Sandy river beds and fesh-fesh
  • Rocky tracks up through the southern foothills of the High Atlas Mountains
  • Three dune areas at :- Chegaga "Sea of Dunes", Ousina Rimal desert bivouac and the famous Cathedral Dunes at Erg Chebbi (the highest in Morocco!
  • Jebel Sahro - considered some of the most beautiful mountains in Morocco
  • A night under the stars, with campfire and local musicians, at our bivouac - 90km from the nearest road!
  • Top quality accommodation
  • Great food
  • Alcohol on all nights – we take the beers to our desert bivouac!

Day 1 - 8 days total - 6 days biking

Arrive at Ouarzazarte airport and a short transfer to our 3* Riad style hotel.

Morocco 8 day Mountain & Desert

Morocco 8 day Mountain & Desert - photo2


Day 2 – (approx. 203km) Ouarzazarte to Fuim Zguid

Breakfast at 08.00 leave at 09.00


Morocco 8 day Mountain & Desert - photo3

17 km on the asphalt before turning onto our first track of the day, it will be 80 km before you see the asphalt again so plenty of time to get used to your bike and the terrain.  The track is twisting and undulating with a few loose rocky sections. A refreshment stop at the tarmac, then we are off again along a 50 km fast but twisting section of hard packed out for the surprises.

Morocco 8 day Mountain & Desert - photo4

Picnic lunch under an acacia tree near the gold mine at Bou Azzer.

After lunch some nice desert riding through some low hills before hitting the plateau leading towards Foum Zguid and our hotel for the evening. 

Morocco 8 day Mountain & Desert - photo5


Our hotel has a great pool and beer waiting for you.



Day 3 – (approx. 170km) Fuim Zguid to Oualid Driss

Morocco 8 day Mountain & Desert - photo6

On leaving our hotel it's 5 km on road to the town of Foum Zguid where we refuel before heading out into the desert. Rocky at first we soon arrive at the dry (we hope) lake bed of Lac Iriki. 40 km of fast riding across the lake brings us to the western side of the Chegaga Dunes.  For those up for it there are also around 40 km of medium sized dunes to be crossed before we arrive at our bivouac in the dunes, where we stop for lunch. 

Morocco 8 day Mountain & Desert - photo7


Those not wanting to commit to the dunes at this early stage of the tour (there are plenty more opportunities to dune ride later on) can take a 60 km diversion around the will have a 18 km sandy riverbed to negotiate before the lunch stop though.

After lunch there is some fast riding across a plateau and some small dunes to cross before we reach the asphalt at Mhamid. 6 km on road brings us to our 3* hotel, where as always, pool and beers await. 

Morocco 8 day Mountain & Desert - photo8

Day 4 – (approx. 221km) Oualid Driss to desert bivouac

A fast days ride skirting the Algerian border.


Leaving at 09.00 we head the 6 km back up the road to Mhamid where we refuel the bikes. From here straight back into the small dunes and sandy riverbeds as we head the 40 km north towards the village of Tazzarine.

Refuel and we set off winding through the palmerie alongside the river Draa.  

Morocco 8 day Mountain & Desert - photo9

Once back into the desert we can expect to be stopped by the Moroccan military on at least 2 different occasions as the border with Algeria is not far away and this has become a sensitive area once again. 

Morocco 8 day Mountain & Desert - photo10

Great, fast desert tracks once used on the Paris/Dakar rally await us...stop and say hi to the South African Elmer Symons who died here in 2007 whilst participating in the rally. His crash site is marked by a large stone cairn and a waypoint on your GPS and is a reminder to take care on these fast desert tracks.

Morocco 8 day Mountain & Desert - photo11

Lunch will be at a desert auberge on Lac Maider, a large dry soda lake. Foreign owned and serving only Portuguese food...a nice change from couscous and tagine!! From here its 60 km of sand and 'fesh fesh' (bull dust) before arriving at our desert bivouac for the evening. located alongside some medium dunes. 

Morocco 8 day Mountain & Desert - photo12


Ascend a 60 mtr dune and toast the sunset before having an amazing meal and listening to the local drummers whilst sitting around a blazing campfire.



Day 5 – (approx. 97km) Desert bivouac to Merzouga

A short day today to maximise our time in the big 'cathedral' dunes of Erg Chebbi.


Morocco 8 day Mountain & Desert - photo13

After breakfast we leave the bivouac at 09.00 and set off for Morocco’s highest dunes at Erg Chebbi. There are more than 20 cathedral dunes that are more than 100 mtrs in height with the highest being 154mts above the plateau....for those of you up to it we will ride them all.

Morocco 8 day Mountain & Desert - photo14

The track from the bivouac to the dunes traverses an open plain with many acacia trees. This area reminds one of East Africa - just missing the giraffe grazing in the trees. Expect some sandy and rocky sections on what is in the most part a fast couple of hours riding. 

Morocco 8 day Mountain & Desert - photo15



On arrival at the hotel we will have a quick coffee and move into our rooms before venturing out into the sand. Back for lunch at the hotel. After lunch we relax by the hotel pool until 16.00 hours when we will hit the dunes again until sunset when we will have a beer watching the sun go down from one of the highest dunes.


Day 6 –  (approx. 261km) Merzouga to Dades

Our longest day today with some fast desert riding and some slow mountain sections as we traverse the Jbel Saghro mountain range.

Morocco 8 day Mountain & Desert - photo16


As usual we leave our hotel at 09.00 hours. The first 50 km today are the same as the last 50 km of yesterday's ride. From here to our lunch stop we have some very mixed riding on what are totally new tracks for us. Ranging from a very 'messy' 10 km as we try to cross the Gheris river to long fast sections across the many wide open plateaux to be found in this area. There are many areas where the sand has been blown up against the hills making some very spectacular long dune climbs that we can explore. 

Morocco 8 day Mountain & Desert - photo17

Lunch will be arranged at a small local auberge in a desert village where we will have the best beef tagine in Morocco.

Lunch over we refuel and set off again on some of our favourite trails in this area. Lots of hard packed sandy tracks, a memorable 12 km sandy riverbed as well as the very picturesque Jbel Saghro mountain range.

Morocco 8 day Mountain & Desert - photo18

Our hotel this evening has a roof top swimming pool with a heated Jacuzzi set in it.  Plentiful buffet for dinner. 


Day 7 – (approx. 192km) Dades to Ouarzazarte

After breakfast refuel and then up the Dades Gorge and off in a westerly direction following the foothills of the Atlas Mountains.


Morocco 8 day Mountain & Desert - photo19


Undulating, fast sections interspersed with rocky trails through major washouts and gullies, bringing us out onto a plateau. 

Morocco 8 day Mountain & Desert - photo20


Picnic lunch somewhere up on the plateau. A sandy twisting riverbed and a further 20km of fast trails across a flat plateau bring us back to Ouarzazarte and our first night’s hotel.




Day 8 - depart

Transfer to Ouarzazarte airport.


Morocco 8 day Mountain & Desert - photo21
Here’s a list of what is included with our Mountain and Desert Tour

The Bikes

KTM 450 EXCs

Note: We have a fleet of 12 bikes of which a couple are lowered. Please request this possibility at the time of booking and we will do our best to comply.

  • 3rd party insurance
  • All fuel
  • GPS

Note: A GPS is installed on each bike with each days route installed.

The Equipment

  • MX shirt and trousers
  • Chest protector
  • Knee protectors
  • Elbow protectors

NOTE: For guaranteed comfort we always recommend you bring your own boots however we can supply these for a one off charge of 50€.

VERY IMPORTANT: For safety reasons we are NOT supplying helmets anymore. You need to bring your own MX style helmet with a fixed chin-bar, enduro goggles and gloves. 

The Rest

Pick-up & transfer to/from Ouarzazarte airport to our local hotel. (Return transfers from Marrakech can be arranged for you. We try to join bikers up to reduce costs)

Twin share accommodation with half board

Picnic or cafe lunches

Drinking water during the day’s biking (carried in the 4×4)

Support vehicle with driver & mechanic, equipped with;

  • Fridge
  • Compressor
  • Large first aid box
  • Medical equipment
  • Satellite phone
  • GPS
We are very confident our bikes will not have anything other than minor problems, and we feel sure that you, as temporary “owner” of our bike, will look after it as if it were your own and as such will return it to us in good order. If the bike becomes unusable due to an accident then you could be doing the rest of the tour in the support vehicle. So please go carefully and take care of our bikes – and yourselves!
The following is a list of what you need to organise, arrange, supply or bring with you for our Mountain and Desert tour.

The Essentials

  • Return flights
  • Medical insurance, with repatriation (OBLIGATORY)
  • A 700€ returnable deposit against bike and/or GPS damage.
From July 2019 the bike damage deposit will be raised to 1000€


This is paid by credit card. We have a credit card machine through which we block the deposit against your account until the end of the tour, when the bikes are checked.

  • Pocket money - for souvenirs, alcohol and soft drinks etc... Reckon 50€ unless you drink a lot!!
  • Helmet, boots, gloves & goggles

NOTE: For guaranteed comfort we alw
ays recommend you bring your own boots however we can supply these for a one off charge of 50€.

VERY IMPORTANT: For safety reasons we are NOT supplying helmets anymore. You need to bring your own MX style helmet with a fixed chin-bar, enduro goggles and gloves. 



Recommended Clothing & Accessories

  • T-shirts per day
  • Underwear
  • Lightweight thermal underwear (just in case)
  • Socks
  • Pair of casual shirts for wearing at the hotels
  • Pair of Trousers/jeans for wearing at the hotels
  • Swim wear
  • Small head torch for the desert bivouac
  • Trainers/shoes
  • Shorts
  • Jumper or fleece
  • A platypus drinking system with tube (about 1.5 litres) – to go in a backpack (OBLIGATORY)
  • Small medical kit comprising:
  • Aspirins/paracetamol – some form of pain killer
  • Anti-inflammatory pills/cream
  • Lip salve – to avoid chapped lips
  • Plasters
  • Sun cream
  • Rehydration powders.
  • Energy/glucose tablets to chew during the days

Note: Your doctor or GP will be able to advise you further
Moto Aventures also carries a large medical box in the assitance vehicle.

The assistance vehicle has limited space to carry luggage so we supply a barrel type soft bag – 40liters – for each client to put their personal effects and clothing into for the tour. Only this bag permitted. Bear in mind you will be in biking gear most of the time so please think carefully what you bring. We would also appreciate keeping the weight down. Any excess gear can be left at our base and picked up at the end of the tour.


MOTO AVENTURES EUROPA S.L. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") accepts clients, and any accompanying 4x4 passengers (hereinafter referred to collectively as "the Client") subject to the following conditions:

    • The deposit paid at the time of booking is accepted as part of the total cost of the tour and will not be refunded unless the applicant cannot be offered a place.
    • The balance of the total cost for the tour must reach us no later than EIGHT weeks before the tour date.
    • Cancellation charges on BALANCE payments are as follows;
      • 7 - 8 weeks before departure by Client - 50% refund.
      • 4 - 7 weeks before departure by Client - 40% refund.
      • 2 - 4 weeks before departure by Client - 25% refund.
      • 0 - 2 weeks before departure by Client - no refund.
  3. The Client must:
    • be in possession of a full motorbike driving license at all times during the tour
    • have made known to the Company any endorsements or restrictions made to his driving license by the licensing authorities
  4. Only the Client recognised and accepted by the Company may drive the motorbike.
  5. Should the Client cause the motorbike to be retained or embargoed, all costs will be payable by the Client, including any losses to the Company whilst the motorbike is immobilized.
  6. All fines, judicial costs, etc., derived from any form of traffic infraction or other, which are against the motorbike, the Company or the Client, and caused by the Client during the period of this contract, will be payable by the Client except when caused by the Company.
  7. The Company reserves the right to refuse to allow the Client's participation in the event that the Company's insurance agent will not accept the Client as an insurable risk.
  8. When using one of the Company bikes or equipment, the Client agrees to pay a deposit of SEVEN HUNDRED EUROS before beginning the tour, which will be returned in full provided that no damage has occurred to either bike or GPS. Prices of some of the parts you could be charged for :
    Should you drop the bike under water then expect to pay up to
    4 x oil changes @ 30€ each.
    4 x oil filters @ 21€ each.
    1 x fuel filter @ 57€.
  9. WHEELIES ARE NOT ALLOWED - If damage is caused as the result of doing a wheelie the Client will be responsible for the cost of ALL damages.
  10. If, for whatever reason, it is not possible to check the bikes at the end of the tour, the Company will have up to 7 days to advise the Client of any damages and costs due
  11. The Client understands that;
    • he/she is responsible for his/her own personal insurance with repatriation and acknowledges the inherent risk and dangers of the tour
    • will travel entirely at his/her own risk
    • neither the Company, its agents, or any other person assisting with them, is liable for any personal loss, injury, accident, damage, delay or inconvenience, whether caused by acts of the Company, its agents or events outside the Company's control (e.g. strikes, civil war, mechanical breakdown, weather etc.)
    • due to the nature of the tour, no responsibility can be accepted by the Company for any damage, loss, or accident to a Client's vehicle or other property, whether owned, on hire, or loaned to the Client.
    • if the Client leaves the tour voluntarily before completion of the tour, or is required to do so by a Company representative, then all liability that the Company may bear to that Client will cease immediately, and the Company will have no responsibility for repatriation or any other expenses incurred by the Client which may arise out of such an event.
    • In the event of an accident when the bike becomes undriveable or the client cannot continue the tour then any costs incurred to get the bike back to the Company’s garage base, will be to the cost of the client. (110€ to 350€)
    • he/she will abide by the authority and decisions of the Company and/or its representatives.
  12. The Company reserve the right to alter or cancel all or part of the tour without prior notice. If a tour is cancelled, any payments already received by the Company will be refunded in full.
  13. The Client will comply strictly with the laws and customs of all countries visited, whether in respect of health, immigration, exchange control, drugs, or any other matter.
  14. All distances and information quoted in our itineraries are approximates. These are meant as a rough guide and can vary if there is a change of route. At all times we will try to maintain this itinerary but due to climatic conditions or availability of accommodation the company might have to alter part of it.
    • Any dispute that may arise between the Client and the Company will be dealt with under the jurisdiction of the country where the Company is registered.
    • Costs incurred by the Company (including lawyer and procurator fees) whilst reclaiming monies owed by the Client from this contract, will be payable by the Client.
  16. The Company reserves the right to alter or change all or part of these Terms & Conditions without prior notice.

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5 Mar - 12 Mar 2019

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25 Oct - 1 Nov 2019

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Private Tour

14 Nov - 21 Nov 2019

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