KINGDOM OF LESOTHO 2019 (total 11 days)



  2.500kms - about 55% off-road in this biker's heaven.

"I just wanted to say what an amazing trip it was. It was one of the best one week trips I have ever done. Just the right balance of sublime knee down roads, gravel roads, crazy weather and drama to make it feel like a real adventure :-) "  Max R.

"The riding in and around Lesotho is exceptional both on and off road. It comprises the best riding I have ever done. The new Chinese asphalt from Sani to Butha Buthe is undoubtedly the best road riding I've ever done anywhere in the world, no question. The off-roading is perfect for the adventure bikes, challenging but not too much. 

Lesotho needs to be visited, it's an amazing country, to this end the riding days are not too long allowing people to enjoy each destination. The Maletsunyane waterfall near the Semonkong Lodge has a 200m straight drop and is a must see; the notorious Sani Pass has to be ridden; and much more. " JohnnyMaroc


DAY #1 - Arrival in Johannesburg, (South Africa)

On arrival in Johannesburg you will take the shuttle transfer to our hotel about 9kms away. For the rest of the day you will be free to explore.

Late afternoon our bikes will be brought to the hotel for bike documentation and handover. Any adjustments needed to your bike can be done at this time.


Dinner in the hotel and briefing and discussion about this adventure we're about to start.


DAY #2 - Johannesburg to Clarens, (South Africa)

Distance - 350km

Packing everything into the 4x4 we plan to leave after breakfast at around 09.00.

KINGDOM OF LESOTHO 2019 - photo2

Today will be a mixture of asphalt and country roads, some of them well prepared gravel.

The first 109km of the day between Joburg and Villiers is all on national roads and the N3 toll road as we by-pass and exit Joburg on the quickest route possible. 

KINGDOM OF LESOTHO 2019 - photo3

After a coffee break at Villiers we leave the toll road and are on B roads until we turn off and take to the gravel for the next 170km. The gravel roads are ideal for the big adventure bikes, well packed with no loose or sandy sections. 

KINGDOM OF LESOTHO 2019 - photo4

Big open spaces characterise the landscape as we head due south. We pass through many farms, arable, dairy and game and it's not uncommon to see a good number of Africa's herbivore grazing in the fields. Game farming is big business here in the Free State.

We rejoin the asphalt in the Golden Gate Highlands National Park which covers an area of 340 square kilometers. It is the Free States only national park and is more famous for its natural beauty than for its wildlife. 

KINGDOM OF LESOTHO 2019 - photo5


KINGDOM OF LESOTHO 2019 - photo6

We will be passing through in the late afternoon which is the best time of day. As the sun goes down the deeply eroded golden, ochre and orange hued sandstone cliffs give off a warm glow. It's a gorgeous place. Watch out for the cunningly concealed speed humps.

35 km of winding asphalt brings us to our destination for the night in Clarens. Clarens is a small village and is the inspiration of artists, eco-lovers and tourists who want to simply enjoy exploring this tranquil, magical landscape. It is known for its spectacular sandstone mountains and wonderful climate, and is one of the most picturesque spots in South Africa. 

KINGDOM OF LESOTHO 2019 - photo7

Our 4* hotel for the night is situated right in the center of the village making it easy to walk out and discover the many galleries and quaint cafes and bars.

DAY #3 - Clarens to Katse (South Africa & Lesotho)

Distance - 230km

We leave after breakfast and it's just 40kms to the friendly border crossing at Caledon. Very simple, it should take us about 10 minutes and 40 rand (3€) each to register and get our passports stamped and then we’re in Lesotho. 

KINGDOM OF LESOTHO 2019 - photo8

When riding in Lesotho be prepared for the unexpected, from rockfalls to landslides to animals being herded down the main road and everything in between.

KINGDOM OF LESOTHO 2019 - photo9

It's 167 kms of amazing on road riding starting in Clarens and finishing at our first optional off road section. We wind our way through picturesque countryside, surrounded by towering mountains and deep valleys. We ride over the Mafika Lisiu Pass 3,090m (10,137ft) above sea level which crosses the Maluti mountain range. It is one of the highest passes in Lesotho.

KINGDOM OF LESOTHO 2019 - photo10

The view back north towards Clarens is stunning on a sunny day. The road was built in the 1990s and links Pitseng with Lejone and onwards to Katse. There are sheer drops virtually along the whole length of the road with enough hairpin bends to keep even the most jaded biker smiling.

KINGDOM OF LESOTHO 2019 - photo11

At 167km into the day we can either take to the gravel or continue 37km on the asphalt to our hotel for the night at Khatse. This asphalt section is every bit as enjoyable as the previous sections.

Our accommodation has large gardened terraces looking out over the Katse Dam Lake. The lodge is simple, but all rooms have en-suite showers and satellite TV.  The food is excellent and the staff, as always in this country, very helpful and willing.  

KINGDOM OF LESOTHO 2019 - photo12

Hopefully a spectacular African sunset to be watched as we sit on the terrace after dinner with a drink, looking out across the lake.

DAY #4 - Khatse to Semonkong, (Lesotho)

Distance - 290km

Leaving the lodge after breakfast the first 59 kms off road is twisting and potholed. Enjoy the scenery and village life as you slalom around all the potholes and smile as you think of how the assistance vehicle and trailer must be suffering as you cruise along on your mighty GS. 

KINGDOM OF LESOTHO 2019 - photo13

From Thaba-Tseke to Semonkong is another 228 km of amazing, new Chinese road. We cross many passes the highest of which is the Mokoabong Pass 2,880 m (9,448 ft) with its fast sweeping curves and huge drop offs and stunning scenery. The last 86 km of great asphalt leaves me wondering why do the Chinese put speed humps on a steep uphill section? They are no problem for the GSs but must be a nightmare for overladen trucks. Eitherway stand up as you go over them or risk getting kicked over the bars.

KINGDOM OF LESOTHO 2019 - photo14 KINGDOM OF LESOTHO 2019 - photo15

The last 4 km into our hotel are a little tricky. Muddy and rutted in places with a steep descent 100 mtrs before arrival at reception. First gear, stand up and slowly, slowly catch the monkey. You could always ask Johnny Maroc to ride your bike down for you but it will cost you a beer for him to walk back up to you. 

KINGDOM OF LESOTHO 2019 - photo16

Our lodge tonight is situated on the banks of the Maletsunyane River. The accommodation, built of traditional stone and thatch, offers just the right balance of rustic elegance with comfortable ensuite rooms, crackling fires and warm, comfortable beds. 

DAY #5 - Semonkong (Lesotho)

Though not technical the previous four days will have been strenuous with the tight, sweeping bends and tracks we've biked on through Lesotho so far, and there's still lots more to come. So this easy day will be welcome. 

KINGDOM OF LESOTHO 2019 - photo17

In the morning we will bike a 4km loop to visit the famous Maletsunyane Falls, one of the highest single dropping waterfalls in Africa, creating a haze of smoke as the water plummets the 186 metres into a spectacular gorge. 

It is from this "smoke" that Semonkong – The Place of Smoke – gets its name.

Back to the hotel for lunch and in the afternoon you can either choose to relax in your comfortable room in front of a crackling fire, or join up with everyone in the lodge's fully licensed Duck & Donkey Tavern - popular with the locals too. If you'd like to join one of the activities on offer you can choose between mountain biking, pony trekking or one of a selection of cultural tours.

KINGDOM OF LESOTHO 2019 - photo18


Dinner in the Tavern.

DAY #6 - Semonkong to Tiffendel, (Lesotho & South Africa)

Distance - 261km

Leaving our lodge we are heading south 170 km to cross back into South Africa at the tiny border crossing of Telle Bridge which spans the Oranje River. More great asphalt but some broken up sections too, so care must be taken.

KINGDOM OF LESOTHO 2019 - photo19

The Telle bridge crossing is very efficient and we should all be through in less than half an hour. Once back in South Africa we are off road for 124 km until we reach our destination at Tiffendel Lodge, South Africa's only ski station. 

KINGDOM OF LESOTHO 2019 - photo20

The off roading is generally easy but there are two short rocky sections that less experienced riders must pass with care. We will stop for tea and scones in the small village of Rhodes at the Walkabout Inn.  We will be leaving the trailers here as the final 30 kms have 2 steep and sharp hairpin bends about half way up...feel free to leave your bike here and take the 4x4 the rest of the way if you are not sure you can make it.

KINGDOM OF LESOTHO 2019 - photo21

Tiffindell Lodge is set in a bowl at 2,720 m (8,924 ft) with big open views. The station has only two runs, the length being only 2 km between them. The lodge is made of wood and the rooms are big and comfortable. Enjoy the sunset with a cool beer as you await your buffet dinner.

DAY #7 - Tiffendel to Himeville, (South Africa)

Distance - 377km

After breakfast we head back down the steep and winding track we ascended yesterday evening. A quick coffee stop at the Walkabout Inn to pick up the trailers and any bikes left behind the evening before. 

KINGDOM OF LESOTHO 2019 - photo22

We will be passing through the Tenahead Mountain Reserve with the Drakensberg Mountains off in the distance to our left. Lots of farming and trout fishing in this part of South Africa.

Once back on the asphalt it’s a nice fast 77 km to our refuelling point in Matatiele where we can stop for a coffee and snack. After refueling is another 185 km on pleasant, twisting and undulating country roads all the way to our country hotel in the village of Himeville.

KINGDOM OF LESOTHO 2019 - photo24

Our hotel for tonight and tomorrow, has 12 beautifully appointed rooms and is the best boutique hotel destination in the Drakensberg Mountains with a well renowned restaurant. 

DAY #8 - Himeville (South Africa)

We have chosen this luxury, converted farmhouse to have a day to relax and unwind. 

In the morning after a late breakfast you can choose to take your bike and make a loop out and see South African villages and countryside.

KINGDOM OF LESOTHO 2019 - photo25

On your return you could walk into the local village and have lunch at the local pub which opened in 1904 and offers a good selection of craft draughts and local wines to try.

KINGDOM OF LESOTHO 2019 - photo26

Returning back to the hotel located at the foot of Africa's highest mountain range - The Drakensburg mountains, relax in the sunshine on your private terrace with a drink, while gazing across the large sweeping lawn down to the private lake. 

KINGDOM OF LESOTHO 2019 - photo27

Late afternoon we all join up in the comfy bar for a few pre-dinner drinks. The restaurant offers an exceptional choice of excellent food.

Everyone will be refreshed and ready to tackle the notorious Sani Pass tomorrow!

DAY #9 - Himeville to Clarens, (South Africa & Lesotho)

Distance - 295km

After what is always a great breakfast at the Manor we depart for Lesotho again. 14 km of good asphalt brings us to the start of the 21 km of gravel that make up the infamous Sani Pass. The pass is the mother of all South African mountain passes. 

KINGDOM OF LESOTHO 2019 - photo28 KINGDOM OF LESOTHO 2019 - photo29

Statistically and in every sense, it out distances, out climbs and out performs all its competitors to become the most iconic gravel pass in SA. 12 km from the start of the gravel we arrive at the SA border post, 5 minutes and we are through.

Sani Pass has loose gravel and short rocky sections in places and care must be taken as the drop offs are impressive but the main challenges arise just 1 km from the top where we will encounter half a dozen hairpin bends. Again, stand up, first gear and you will be on the asphalt before you know it.

KINGDOM OF LESOTHO 2019 - photo30

As you arrive on the new asphalt we go through the border control and we're back in "The Kingdom in the Sky" Lesotho. The highest pub in Africa, the Sani Top is here and a must see, so we will stop for a coffee and photos back down the pass before we embark on yet another truly amazing ride. 

The 257 km of asphalt between Sani Top and Clarens has to be the longest section of road rider’s paradise out there. The views and scenery are quite literally breathtaking as we cross the Kotisephola Pass at 3,240m (10,629 ft). I would say it's even better than the road from Tsaba Tseke to Semonkong but it's a close thing.

KINGDOM OF LESOTHO 2019 - photo31

The Chinese have come to an arrangement with Lesotho to build all their roads in exchange for diamonds.  As a result all the asphalt is totally new, and the road from Sani traversing the entire country back into South Africa is amazing - never ending sweeping bends up and down mountain passes. A true pleasure

DAY #10 - Clarens to Johannesburg, (South Africa)

Distance - 350km

On this our last day we will leave around 09.00 after breakfast, destination our hotel of the first night a short drive from Johannesburg airport. 

KINGDOM OF LESOTHO 2019 - photo32

Back through the Golden Gate Highlands National Park with it's amazing towering rock formations and cliff faces. A mixture of asphalt and great country tracks winding through the many local farms, until we hit the last few kms into Joburg on the main toll highway, back to our hotel.

KINGDOM OF LESOTHO 2019 - photo33

On arrival the bikes will be inspected by you and John and hopefully no damages will need to be charged.

KINGDOM OF LESOTHO 2019 - photo34

In the early evening we will meet up at the bar to discuss our adventure before going into the restaurant for dinner.

DAY #11 - Departure from Johannesburg

Breakfast all together and then free time for those not leaving immediately. On this last day there are hourly shuttle services offered by the hotel back to the airport.

KINGDOM OF LESOTHO 2019 - photo35


10 nights twinshare accommodation in quality hotels & lodges.



To & from Johannesburg airport.


Food & Drink

All breakfasts and 2-3 course evening meals in the hotels. 7 picnic lunches during biking days and lunch on day at Semonkong



BMW GS1200 for 9 days with full insurance. Bikers will leave a deposit to cover excess.


Garmin Montana 600 GPS

Installed with our daily routes in Tracks4Africa software



Dual purpose tyres.


Vehicle Support

Assistance vehicle equipped with satellite phone, first aid equipment, fridge, compressor, spare tyres etc., carrying personal luggage and pulling a trailer with spare bike. 


Medical Support

Qualified medical assistance provided during the tour


A motorcycle guide - JohnnyMaroc; plus Su driving the support vehicle. Both have a good local knowledge of the areas we visit.



All airfares to/from Johannesburg airport. 

Personal Insurance (Obligatory)

All personal medical insurance with repatriation.



Anticipate about US$350 for the entire trip following the itinerary 



Tourist visas for South Africa and Lesotho. (if your nationality dictates it)



Any vaccinations required for entry into RSA.


Food & Drink

Drinks and snacks.

Optional Activities

All other optional activities on offer during the tour.


Bike Deposit

The excess deposit which is arranged directly with the supplier of the BMWs. 15000rand = approx. 1250€ held against your credit card but not charged.



All your personal riding gear for the duration of the tour, including a “Camelback” or similar 1.5 to 2 litre drinking system(Obligatory).

MOTO AVENTURES EUROPA S.L. (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Company’) accepts clients, any accompanying 4×4 passengers and pillion passengers (hereinafter referred to collectively as ‘the Client’) subject to the following conditions:

    - The 30% deposit paid at the time of booking is accepted as part of the total cost of the tour and will not be refunded unless the applicant cannot be offered a place.
    - The balance of the total cost for the tour must reach us no later than EIGHT weeks before the tour date.

    Cancellation charges on BALANCE payments are as follows;
           - 7 - 8 weeks before departure by Client - 50% refund. 
           - 4 - 7 weeks before departure by Client - 40% refund.
           - 2 - 4 weeks before departure by Client - 25% refund.
           - 0 - 2 weeks before departure by Client - no refund.

  3. The Client must
    - be in possession of a full motorbike driving license at all times during the tour 
    - have made known to the Company any endorsements or restrictions made to his driving license by the licensing authorities. 

    be 25 years or older.

  4. Only the Client recognized and accepted by the Company may drive the motorbike.
  5. Should the Client cause the motorbike to be retained or embargoed, all costs will be payable by the Client, including any losses to the Company whilst the motorbike is immobilized.
  6. All fines, judicial costs, etc., derived from any form of traffic infraction or other, which are against the motorbike, the Company or the Client, and caused by the Client during the period of this contract, will be payable by the Client except when caused by the Company. 
    -  In case of accident, theft or breakdown, the Client must immediately communicate this fact to the Company or its representative.
    - In no case accept culpability for an accident, except in the “Amicable declaration of Accidents” form.
    - The Client must obtain all details of the other party and any witnesses, and the Client will give these and all other details of the accident to the Company or its representative within 24 hours.
    - Advise the authorities immediately if the other party is responsible for the accident.

  8. The Client understands that:
     - he/she is responsible for his/her own personal insurance with repatriation
     - acknowledges the inherent risk and dangers of the tour
     -  will travel entirely at his/her own risk
     - neither the Company, its agents, or any other person assisting with them, is liable for any personal loss, injury, accident, damage, delay or inconvenience, whether caused by acts of the Company, its agents or events outside the Company’s control (e.g. strikes, civil war, mechanical breakdown, weather etc.)
     - due to the nature of the tour, no responsibility can be accepted by the Company for any damage, loss, or accident to a Client’s vehicle or other property, whether owned, on hire, or loaned to the Client.
     - if the Client leaves the tour voluntarily before completion of the tour, or is required to do so by a Company representative, then all liability that the Company may bear to that Client will cease immediately, and the Company will have no responsibility for repatriation or any other expenses incurred by the Client which may arise out of such an event.
     - he/she will abide by the authority and decisions of the Company and/or its representatives.

  9. The Company reserves the right to alter or cancel all or part of the tour without prior notice. If a tour is cancelled, any payments already received by the Company will be refunded in full.
  10. The Client will comply strictly with the laws and customs of all countries visited, whether in respect of health, immigration, exchange control, drugs, or any other matter.
        -Any dispute that may arise between the Client and the Company will be dealt with under the jurisdiction of the country where the Company is registered .
        - Costs incurred by the Company (including lawyer and procurator fees) whilst reclaiming monies owed by the Client from this contract, will be payable by the Client.

  12. All distances and information quoted in our itineraries are approximates. These are meant as a rough guide and can vary if there is a change of route. At all times we will try to maintain this itinerary but due to climatic conditions or availability of accommodation the company might have to alter part of it.
  13.  The Company reserves the right to alter or change all or part of these Terms & Conditions without prior notice.

Tour Dates

If you are interested in a place on a full tour contact SU to be put on her waiting list & be advised if a place comes free.