Your Safety

Your safety is an extremely important issue to us and one that we have spent a lot of time and money investigating, so as to enable us to offer you the best possible service.

We are unique in that we install, FREE of charge, a GPS on your bike during any of our tours with us. Multiple Sat phones, support vehicles, and for our more remote Southern Africa Tours a fully dedicated medic, supported with a comprehensive professional medical kit, including defibrillator, vacuum splints and even oxygen.


In Morocco we use the robust Garmin Montana 600, and in Southern Africa we use the Garmin Zumo 660, both with colour screens and 10,000 track points, and have one available for each bike with a track point every 25 meters giving peace of mind and security.

All you have to do is keep the arrow on the coloured line.

Each morning we switch to that days track. This has made things both more interesting for you, the riders, as well as allowing several smaller groups to be operating at their own comfortable speed between the faster leaders and the assistance vehicle following behind. In Morocco this has completely removed the feeling of holding up the faster bikers that the slower paced bikers used to feel.

We regularly update and check our Moroccan routes before the beginning of each season as Morocco is continually putting down asphalt somewhere, as well as searching out new tracks and trails so that our repeat clients can experience new places.

Satellite Phones

We are the only company we know of in the off road and adventure touring business, that carries three satellite phones as part of their safety measures.

One of the satellite telephones is installed in our assistance vehicle – meaning a permanent connection is available should it be needed regardless of where we are.

The others will be carried by bikers within the group so that a connection can be made with the assistance vehicle any time it is needed.

We also offer use of our sat phones to clients should they need to call from somewhere that mobile phone coverage is non existent – Berber tent in the desert for example.

Assistance & back-up vehicles

When out on our tours, a mechanic always travels in our assistance vehicle, which also carries our medical equipment – such as vacuum stretcher, defibrillator, splints and oxygen, a very extensive first aid box, a fridge, compressor, tools & spare parts, a permanent satellite phone link, as well as your baggage.

On our Southern Africa tours, we have the addition of a fully dedicated professional medic travelling in the assistance vehicle too.

Assistance & back-up vehicles