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Our Moroccan Operation

Our Moroccan Operation

All of us here at Moto Aventures take great pride in all our bikes and vehicles. We have a fleet of twelve KTM 450 EXCs based permanently down in Morocco, for which we have a rigorous maintenance schedule.

One of our highly experienced mechanics will ensure that your tour bike is delivered to you not only looking good but also in perfect working order, ensuring your safety and maximising your biking experience.

We have 2 factory-lowered KTM’s reducing the height of both bikes by 2 centimeters.

ALL our bikes have a GPS with each days’ route installed.

Needless to say it’s a beautiful looking little bike weighing in at just 113.5 kilos dry.

Clothing offered in Morocco only:

For those of you who need it, we include protection and clothing. We offer MX shirts and trousers, body, knee and elbow protections.

FOR SAFETY REASONS WE ARE NOT RENTING OUT HELMETS ANY LONGER. You need to bring your own helmet, gloves and goggles.

Boots are available to hire at just 50€, though for guaranteed comfort we recommend you bring your own.


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Thanks Miles - great modelling job!

Southern Africa Tours

Southern Africa Tours


For our Southern Africa tours we have chosen the BMW GS1200 LC for its excellent suitability to the different terrains we will be crossing through and its superior reliability.

From winding tarmac roads to fast gravel trails, this is the perfect bike to get you there in comfort and style, and can carry passengers with no problem.

If you would prefer a smaller bike then we offer you the BMW GS800.

The bikes we use are all of the highest quality, recent models, with low mileage and serviced at regular intervals as per BMW instructions.

Every bike has a GPS on it with our daily route installed.


Southern Africa Tours